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Fluoride Treatment in High Point, NC


Fluoride, a naturally-occurring mineral, is natures way of helping to prevent cavities in children and adults by building up resistance to the bacteria and acid that can cause tooth decay. Making the outer surface of your teeth, called the enamel, more resistant to tooth decay will keep your teeth healthy and strong for years to come. How does it work? Even before toddlers’ teeth break through the gums, the fluoride taken in from mother’s milk, formulas, and other foods, makes tooth enamel stronger, and better able to resist tooth decay.


After teeth erupt, fluoride helps strengthen tooth enamel and reverses early signs of tooth decay. We receive a surface application of fluoride each time we brush with fluoridated toothpaste.


Best Sources Of Fluoride

Fluoride is naturally found in most water sources, including rivers, lakes, wells and oceans. Fluoride was added to public water supplies several decades ago, to help supplement fluoride levels up to the amount necessary to  prevent tooth decay. Toothpaste is also a good source of fluoride; the proof being the significant drop in cavities since 1960.


A Good Fluoride Routine:

  • 1

    Brush twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste.

  • 2

    Have children younger than 3 years old start brushing their teeth as soon as a tooth appears. Use a fluoride toothpaste in an amount no more than the size of a grain of rice.

  • 3

    For children 3 to 6 years old, use no more than a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. Carefully supervise to make sure no more than this is used.

Visit Our Office For A Professional Application

Dr. Hartzell is happy to offer a fluoride treatment from our office. We can apply fluoride directly to your teeth during your dental visit with a gel, foam or rinse. This is a treatment that people who are at higher risk of cavities will want to take advantage of.

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