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Brighter, whiter teeth. Who doesn’t want that? With our simple teeth whitening procedure, you’ll be flashing pearly whites in no time. All whitening preferences are not alike; some people only want their upper teeth brighter, some only lower, and some go all the way. It can come down to which teeth show the most when you smile and talk.


Dental whitening can be used to correct natural tooth discoloration that is often caused by staining, aging, or other tooth surface damage. We use a take home bleach tray system to whiten teeth. The exceptions may be those cases of extreme tooth discoloration. If your issue is beyond what the whitening technology can master, then  crowns or veneers may be your only solution.

Benefits Of Teeth Whitening At A Glance

  • 1

    Turns yellowed or brownish teeth back to a brighter white

  • 2

    Gives people of any age new confidence to talk, smile and laugh

  • 3

    Creates a great “first impression” and positive image

  • 4

    Inspires you to keep teeth cleaner, making them healthier

Teeth Whitening Procedure

We will first make an impression of your teeth to create a special bleach tray that is designed to fit your teeth.


In about a week we will make sure your custom bleach trays are fitting properly and show you how to use the syringes containing the whitening solution. 


For best results, you should wear the bleach tray for 30 minutes daily for about two weeks. The solution starts to work with the first treatment, safely bleaching your enamel.


At the end of your suggested time frame, you should notice significant whitening. If you’re satisfied with it, you should only need to repeat the treatment as desired to maintain this level.


Teeth whitening is safe and never alters tooth structure or existing dental work in any way. It’s a great way to gain confidence with your smile. Remember, some staining issues may not be addressed as well with whitening, but will likely find success with crowns or veneers. Both of these procedures can be found in our Services section of our website.

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